How to make your Homemade Sex Toy

Homemade Sex Toys - An Expert Guide on making the best rubber replica dildo from your penis.

Making your own sex toy is cheap and loads of fun, and can be considered a form of erotic art. In this guide we show you step by step how to do it, and have also provided information on the best types of material to use.


To ensure the process is as safe as possible and produces the best quality replica you will need a range of equipment and materials to make your dildo.
We have collected all the advice you need and have also created a kit you can purchase, read on for more information...

Create the casting negative with Moulding powder - this will take an impression of your penis:

  • The casting Material should be free from impurities and be of a surgically safe non-toxic composition designed for use on skin
  • Consider the quantity of powder: too much and it will be difficult to set, too little and the cast will not hold its shape.
  • NOTE: We do not give any recommendation for use with other moulding powders as they may cause injury.

Willy Kit Rapid Set Penis Moulding Powder

Penis Moulding Powder

To get the best impression of your penis you must use a premium quality powder, specifically designed for erotic moulding. Willy Kit produce a unique Penis Moulding Powder CLICK HERE that will capture every fine detail once set.

Watch it change colour in 3 stages when mixed with warm water at 21 degree C / 70 degree F. This colour changing powder allows you to know exactly at what stage you are at so you know when to insert your erect penis, so it makes it very easy to use. Other brands on the market do not do this and set far too quickly and you end up having to buy more or you end up without any detail.

Read more about our Mould a Willy Moulding Powder CLICK HERE

Casting Material - for introduction into the mould negative to recreate your penis.

To get the most detailed replica you need to use a premium quality material that is safe to use. Willy Kit use the best on the market and the proof shows. Take a look at our GALLERY CLICK HERE of customers' replicas and see for yourself. It is advisable to follow the manufactures instructions on how to make your cast, these are explained in full and are enclosed in the kit. Please see our breakdown of the synthetic filling materials in use today.


  Review of common casting materials

Rubber Unfortunately rubber does perish and crack after time. Historically it was used to make some of the first dildos.
PVC PVC is a budget filler and most cheap dildos are made with PVC. Caution PVC can contain unsafe phthalates, typically added to soften the material. In addition Phthalates have been linked to health problems such as cancer and prenatal defects. PVC cannot be sterilised. If these toys are to be shared we recommend that you use a condom
Jelly Cannot be sterilised! and is actually the same material as PVC
Cyberskin Is a recent addition to the market. This is designed to emulate natural human skin, and has microscopic pores. It cannot be sterlised. It frequently gets sticky after it is washed. It is prone to ripping and tearing, and may not last as long as other materials. Cyberskin dildos are perhaps best used for show.
Glass dildos Commonly built from pyrex or borosilicate, are usually solid and can be personalised with inscriptions.
Steel Unless you have the equipment to smelt steel, this option is pretty much out of bounds! For reference chrome plated dildos are perhaps the best buy and very commonly found in the BDSM scene, and can be warmed or cooled to create interesting temperature sensations.

Willy Kit Silicone
& Hardener

Silicone Hardener to Make Dildo

Our silicone is non-porous, long lasting, firm but flexible and easily santised via boiling or washing in a diluted bleach solution. Importantly they are Safe for use in penetration and combines all the benefits of cyberskin without the short life span. Silicone is actually the main consituent of cyberskin

How to mould your Penis, a step by step process

The whole exciting process can be made an evening and although it can be made by yourself, it's much easier and MORE FUN with the help of your partner.

  1. Preparation - Apply petroleum jelly to skin and any pubic hair which will touch the mould
  2. Acquire an erection - If you want to maintain a harder and longer erection why not try our Natural Herbal Viagra Manpower CLICK HERE a Cock Ring or a Cream from our Better Sex Section CLICK HERE
  3. Mould Application - Mix with warm water and apply the mould material to take the shape of your penis
  4. Demould - After you are sure it has reached the desired strength, carefully remove your penis from the mould
  5. Casting - The rubber dildo is created by mixing and pouring the liquid silicone mix into the mould and allowing it to set overnight. Ensure your mould is upright and tap it to remove any bubbles.
      If you purchased a vibrator CLICK HERE (optional) with your kit you can add this to turn your homemade dildo into a homemade vibrator
  6. Demoulding - Once the mix has cured fully and aquired the shape of the mould, remove it by breaking the mould casing, ensure you do this gently to ensure you do not damage the material.

How to make a Willy Kit

You're done! - why not check out our Penis Moulding Hall of Fame and visit our Gallery CLICK HERE

Safety and Handling

When handling all the products read the instructions thoroughly before use. We recommend a trial run before starting. Ensure you have adequate ventilation and wear the gloves enclosed. Protect your clothing and cover all working areas. Safety data sheets are available on request. KEEP OUT OF REACH FROM CHILDREN. Dispose of all used containers and packaging in accordance with your local regulations.
CAUTION: certain moulding powders can become very hot when they set which may cause discomfort and burns, ensure you stick with a powder specifically designed for use in senstive gential areas
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